Bible Study

Mother of God offers Bible Study Programs for adults twice a year, in the Spring and Fall. Our studies have been based on The Great Adventure Catholic Bible Study program which was developed by Jeff Cavins.

“The Great Adventure introduces Catholics to Scripture, equipping them with a basic biblical literacy. It is supported by an advisory board of Catholic Leaders and every Great Adventure Bible study has been granted the Nihil Obstat and Imprimatur, indicating that they are free from doctrinal or moral error.  Although its authors and instructors are well steeped in Catholic biblical scholarship, The Great Adventure is catechetical in nature and does not treat Scripture in a purely academic manner.

The authors of The Great Adventure recognize and employ diverse methods of biblical interpretation to help discover both the human and divine aspects of Sacred Scripture. For the student to best understand the intentions of the human authors, whom God inspired, special attention is given to the historical circumstances, culture, and modes of writing (see Dei Verbum 12). As such, The Great Adventure always seeks to use history and its related fields of study to shed light on the biblical text.” Jeff Cavins, Creator & President, The Great Adventure

The next scheduled program will be listed on this page and in the MOG weekly bulletin.